History of mrben

The seeds of mrben were sown in January 2005. Sydney artist Ben Wever was seeking creative musicians that would compliment his unique style of music and songwriting. Having played in three different bands over ten years, encompassing traditional riff-based rock progressions, acoustic ballads and blues, he was ready to embark on something fresh, new and exciting.

He soon found his musical soulmates. Leighton Holloway (bass) has many years of performing in bands that crossed styles of funk, jazz and rock. He, too, was looking for a new challenge that he could grow with. His ability to think outside the square and offer such diverse creative input has proven to be a valuable contribution to the mrben trio.

Jeff de Araujo (drums/percussion) has extensive experience in pop, classical, electro and fusion styles of music. A disciplined player full of drive, passion and integrity, he was most keen to jump onboard, share ideas and get straight to work.

The trio that would become mrben came together to see if this combination would work. Not long after rehearsing, they began performing live across Sydney in such venues as the Gaelic Club, the Cat & Fiddle and the Bridge Hotel, working hard at building their fanbase and captivating their audiences.

They realised that the indie scene was enjoying a new lease on life, and they needed to make their own footprint in such a competitive market. It was obvious that the next step would be to venture into the studio, record their signature sound and gain exposure on a national and international scope.

They emerged from the studio with their debut album Night & Day. Recorded and produced by Lindsay Rimes, the album is an explosive showcase of mrben's combined talents and will be released under the independent label Ordio Productions. The material draws instant comparisons to the Foo Fighters but with an authentic Australian flavour, supported by the strength of mrben's songwriting. As one of Sydney's hardest-working melodic rock bands, mrben are a force to be reckoned with.

Then in 2005 the itch for him to tell a new story was getting stronger, mrben was seeking creative musicians that would compliment his unique style of music and songwriting. Keeping the core of his signature sound true to his character he was ready to embark on something fresh, new and exciting.

mrben also wanted others to join him on this new journey, he soon found his musical soulmates and took them on an exciting yet challenging voyage of co-writing, rehearsing & live performing for just over two years. It was then time for mrben to get serious and lock them all down for the pre-production of his debut album "Night & Day" which was set to be released in November 2008.

Working very closely with local producer Lindsay Rimes, the album became an explosive showcase of mrben's combined talents, Ben could not of been happier with the outcome of this long awaited album. mrben had laid down 11 solid songs that beg to be played again and again. The sound of this production is more polished than most debuts. Ben Wever also had another business project brewing in the back ground and wanted to release the debut album under his own independent record label Ordio Productions.